Bellator 70 Predictions

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Who will win the Heavyweight title

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  1. Cole Konrad

  2. Eric Prindle

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  1. Skyler Petrancosta

    Skyler Petrancosta New Member

    Date: May 25, 2012
    Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
    Venue: Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
    Broadcast: MTV2 and

    • Champ Cole Konrad vs. Eric Prindle - for heavyweight title
    • Rick Hawn vs. Brent Weedman - lightweight-tourney finale
    • Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Luis Nogueira - bantamweight-tourney semifinal
    • Derek Campos vs. Rich Clementi
    • Keith Schneider vs. Josh Shockley
    • A.J. Matthews vs. Charlie Rader
    • Jonas Billstein vs. Mike Seal
    • Kyle Bradley vs. John Harris
    • Derek Arcement vs. Blake Dufour
    • Jeremiah Riggs vs. Kelvin Tiller

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