Conor McGregor debut this weekend in Sweden

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Hero Of Time, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Hero Of Time

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    Hey guys,
    A guy from my gym (and the first serious Irish UFC fighter) will be making his debut in Sweden this weekend. He is fighting Marcus Brimage on the prelims. Watch out for this fight guys he is the dawning of the Irish invasion and is genuinely very very good (check out previous fights they are on youtube etc).

    He trains in SBG Ireland (my gym) along with Gunnar Nelson and another guy, Cathal Pendred, who just won the Cage Warriors WW strap and will be defending it in June vs Che Mills.. I would be very surprised if he doesn't get a UFC call up after winning that fight.

    Anyway guys, Conor McGregor- watch out for him this weekend and in the future.

    (Sidenote: Conor was the champ in 145 and 155lbs divisions in Cage Warriors at the same time and has already vowed to become the UFC's first 3-divisional champion, which if anything, proves he is exciting)

    Check out Ariel's MMA Hour featuring him that you can find from google!!
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Nice. I'll make a point of checking him out. Hopefully he gets the win.

    It must be great to have a UFC fighter in the gym.
  3. Hero Of Time

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    Late coming back to this but.. I TOLD YOU!! Next up Boston!
  4. Hero Of Time

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    Dunno if anyone uses this anymore but... CONOR MCGREGOR! GUNNAR NELSON! CATHAL PENDRID! PATRICK HOLOHAN! Neil Seery is also from the same place as me but trains at a different gym. McGregor hype train is real.
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    It was an amazing night for the Irish. Every single Irish fighter won.

    Gunnar Nelson was superb. He looked so calm in the ring - almost like he couldn't be bothered. But the second he saw an opening, he pounced and was fantastic at forcing him to give up the arm for the rear naked choke.

    McGregor was great too. I thought he was going to make the same mistake as Anderson Silva as his arms were down and he took a headshot at the start (though he did seem to block most of it). What really surprised me was how confident he was in the ground. He was very impressive. Looking forward to seeing who they match him up with.
  6. Anton

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    Remebered about this site the other day, shame it never took off. What a call by Hero Of Time with this one. Although even he couldnt have seen this coming lol

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