Do you think Silva decisively beat Sonnen?

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Hero Of Time, Jul 10, 2012.

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    Personally, I don't. I don't think the fight was decisive enough regardless of how it looks on paper. Here are some other points raised elsewhere;

    "While Chael Sonnen had appeared quite graceful and respectful after losing handily to UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 148, news comes today that his team may have plans that are quite the opposite. Sonnen's head trainer Scott McQuarry spoke out today, explaining that he has filed a claim with the NSAC stemming from what he believes was an illegal knee by Silva to the downed Sonnen. Already one of the most hotly debated topics in MMA, the knee was ruled to have struck Sonnen in the chest rather than the head, making it a legal strike. McQuarry thinks this is not the case, and spoke to today about his grievances:
    "Chael's not the kind of guy who likes to complain after a fight. I felt I needed to take this action to protect him. At the point of impact, Anderson had his hand locked in the cage and his feet left the ground. We believe his intentions were clear. We started the process of filing a complaint with the Nevada Athletic Commission. We believe the knee that Anderson Silva threw was illegal with the clear intent to strike the face. And it did in fact connect with the face. Chael bit his tongue and needed eight stitches."
    Sonnen's eight stitches has not been discussed much as a by-product of Silva’s knee, which no doubt was a huge turning point in the massively anticipated rematch. Filing a complaint with the NSAC is a long process that would most likely end with the results being the same. So, McQuarry will move his focus of the appeal and plead with UFC President Dana White. He continued on:
    "What I'm going to do is change my tactic. We're going to ask for a rematch. We deserve a rematch. If the only way Anderson Silva can win is by cheating, we need to keep a closer eye on Silva before and during a fight. And we need a rematch now. Legal knee or illegal knee, there's enough doubt with all the fouls to warrant a rematch."
    The fouls McQuarry speaks of were Yves Lavigne's warning Silva about grabbing Sonnen's shorts, and another for Vaseline prior to the bout starting. Do these discrepancies warrant enough of a controversy to find Silva and Sonnen facing one another for a third time? With Anderson Silva winning both of the previous fights, do MMA fans deserve to weather a long, drawn-out appeal process only to endure more and more hype from a fighter who has lost to Silva twice and is considering retirement? Some may believe the fouls were legit enough a reason to have a third and final fight. Many think that the rivalry was finished decisively, once, and for all, by Silva on Saturday. After being finished in the second round, does Chael Sonnen truly deserve another rematch with the great Anderson Silva?"

    What annoys me:

    Silva definitely tried to grease, and was caught on camera doing so (even though he was caught and had it rubbed off)

    The knee, although it hit Sonnen's chest, his thigh hit his head and resulted in stitches.. very borderline move. One that Silva himself threw without regard which is evident in his comment that he doesn't know where it landed.

    Silva was grabbing Sonnen's shorts.

    Sonnen dominated the first round and only lost due to that stupid backfist!

    The stoppage, in my opinion, was too early. I'm not saying Sonnen would have made it out or that he wasn't taking damage but he was still intelligently defending himself. Franklin took MUCH more damage from Wanderlei in his fight when on the ground and it wasn't stopped. I think the stoppage annoyed me more than anything else.
  2. Hero Of Time

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    Gotta say I'm not sure about the tongue thing seeing as Chael had no problem talking at the post fight presser but I don't know if it wasn't swollen or whatever.

    Also, don't take this as a jab at Silva. He is a great fighter and I don't deny that. Pity that I'll always be up for the other guy now though, so that Chael gets another chance to take the title before he retires.
  3. Joe

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    He did try and cheat, but had to get it removed- even though he tried, which he shouldn't have. He (under technicality) did not cheat on this point.

    The knee, being the main point of controversial conduct, was 100% legal, and it is unknown whether it was what caused the stitches- it may have been, but he was still getting punched in the face.

    Yea, the shorts grabbing was a dirty move.

    Sonnen won the first round, but dominated? Not so sure, he lost because he threw a risky move. He decided to throw a uesless attack, which is uncommon for him. In a point of what seemed like desperation he didn't stick to the basics- what he knows.

    I can't say why they stopped the fight, only the ref can answer the question.

    In my honest opinion, I would say that Sonnen was the only person who has deserved a rematch, but I am not sure about this one. The only reason I think he does, even closely deserve a chance is because, the short grabbing, and the knee- even though it was legal, after watching the replay. He was not as good this time. Silva was a much better fighter this time, I still disagree with some of his tactics- the knee, and shouldering him at the weigh in.

    On a sidenote, Sonnen was a true gentleman, I hope he doesn't retire, he is too funny for that!

    The other reason I am not sure about the rubber match is because that is usually done to find out who is the best, they usually go into that if the fights are 1 win each, not 2nil. I honestly hope they do, Silva needs someone who can challenge him, at the present- only Sonnen can.
  4. As much as it burns me to say. Anderson won the fight. Greasing, Pants holding. Whatever. The stoppage was fair. And im the biggest Chael Nuthugger around.
  5. Jesse Thomas

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    Stop crying and trying to think of Chael Sonnen as an elite fighter, he's good, better than a lot but not even close to Anderson Silva or Jon Jones. Chael was very much so beat down in the rematch and a rubber match I feel would only end quicker and more vicious. Chael should accept great match ups for good money and keep those gums a flappin ~ that will keep him even more relevant than he should actually be at this point in time.
  6. Hero Of Time

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    I have one question when I see someone post like this.. do you follow MMA? It boggles my mind that people make assumptions about fighters when they have proven differently. Chael Sonnen hit Silva more times in one fight than he has been hit in his career, he did this by first wiping out the competition in the middleweight division. He lost a fight he scored some 10-8 rounds in then went back to work cleaning out the division. He lost the rematch after a dominant first round when he tried a silly spinning backfist. Having destroyed the middleweight division and lost twice to the champion he talked about moving to LHW. At this time there was a big mess up that left the LHW division stuck. Hendo is injured and no one will step up to fight Jones.. except Chael. He offers to fight the LHW king on less than 10 days notice where he would have been able to fit in maximum one day training. Jon turned it down because he KNEW Chael was not someone you want to take lightly. More stuff happened, the fans wanted to see it.. so it was set up. Chael and Jon gave us the best Ultimate Fighter season in years before a fight where Jon won. This does not stop him being an "elite fighter", he was not "very much so beat up" in the rematch (he won the first round) and his relevance will not fade any time soon.

    Now, Chael has lost 4 times in the past 6 years. Once to Demian Maia, one of the best Jiu Jitsu artists in the game, if not THE best. Twice to Anderson Silva, the undisputed P4P number one and widely considered the GOAT, and once to Jon Jones; the 2nd or 3rd best P4P fighter in the world.

    So yeah.. how do you back up the rot you just posted?

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