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  1. Hello fellows mma followers, this is for the who's, the what's, and all the rest.

    Im Steve, 31. From Brisbane, Australia. And i have an abuse problem with MMA. My housemate a few years back was a UFC fan, I thought it was like "whatever" and never bothered to try.

    I first did UFC at 106. Griffin vs Ortiz 2.
    I was hooked. i've paid for every UFC since and watched (downloaded *sob) everything before that.

    Ever since. Whatever, whenever, i'll try it. Pride, Dream, Strikeforce, Shit i'll even watch old ELITE FC if it will give me what i need.
    I mainline UFC as much as i can, sometimes $80+ a month on PPV.

    As a consequence i've even got my brother in law addicted. He'll suck a dick for a Pat Barry fight.

    I just want to know i'm not alone... When Chael beats Anderson in July, im gonna be Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Steve,

    Great to have you here. You're lucky to be living up the gold coast - it's beautiful up there and you always have great weather.

    I'm from Sunny Scotland, though I'm currently living in South America.

    Watching MMA was more of a gradual thing for me. I started doing martial arts in 2000 and through friends at my Taekwondo club I got a loan of a lot of fighting videos such as early UFC fights, the pride DVDs and the excellent Rickson Gracie DVD Choke. The guy I started training in BJJ with a few years ago (also a Steve) was fanatical about MMA. He had the biggest collection of MMA DVDs I've ever seen. I honestly believe his collection is in the high hundreds, if not thousands. He started giving me a loan of lots of classic fights from events I hadn't even heard of.

    Sorry to say, I quite like Pat Barry. He's a really funny down to earth guy who has a lot of time for fans. Shame he's had a bad run recently.

    I reckon Anton is a bigger fan MMA fan than me though. He stays up to 5am for every major UFC event. I would usually just play catch up the next day and hope I didn't see the result! One thing that's great about being in South America is that UFC events are shown live in TV for free...and at a respectable hour!

  3. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Nice idea Sanga.

    I'm Anton from near Glasgow, Scotland. I've known Kev for a long time and as he says, don't mind staying up until 5am watching a show. Maybe not every time, but definitely for the stacked cards.

    I watch pretty much all the UFC stuff that we get over here, it's on ESPN and costs £9 a month for all we get. I watch Strikeforce as well (mostly the main cards, not so worried about the Challenger series), and would very rarely download any of the other full events from the smaller organisations. Will pick up some of the better fights online though.

    I've been in to UFC for a good few years now. Matt Hughes was my first hero in the organisation, the guy is a legend. His fight when he destroys Trigg is still one of my favourite ever. He needs to retire now though.

    I can't buy into Sonnen though. His promo's are great. He is a quality fighter. But if he fought as good as he talked he would kill Silva. I just don't think he does.
  4. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Hey guys, I am Joe, 19. from New Zealand.

    Getting into MMA was a thing that just involved after I got into martial arts as it was, I started up Tkd then progressed to Hapkido, from there as it went from hapkido into MMA I slowly transferred to full on MMA. I try to get the events, but that is really hard when you are a poor student, that can't afford to pay for pay per view..

    I have been following anyone that seems good, mainly the UFC because it is the most well known, and have been trying to keep up and catch up for over a year, which is really hard lol. My first ever hero in the organisation is GSP, because he is so down to earth, bt one hell of a technical fighter, besides what he done to Matt Hughes, with the double crotch shot. He is an all around clean fighter.

    Onto Sonnen, If he fought as well as he smack talks, he would own all titles by now. He may beat Silva, but I can't see it coming. He is Silva's kryptonite however, which will make it interesting. He does make the pre-fight interviews and the promos soo much better than everyone else though!
  5. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome Joe!

    Good to see you on my side on the Silva/Sonnned debate mate :D
  6. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Thanks Anton! :)
    The Silva/Sonnen debate is always interesting, but you do have to give the guy credit- he is undisputed in the smack-talk arena :p
  7. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    He's the best by miles on the mic. I Just hope he gets his ass kicked in the octagon :D

    Thanks for joining, site will definitely take off. It's been open less than a week, so right now it's about 6 or 7 guys in 4 different timezones, but I know Kevin well and it won't stay that way for long mate!
  8. Joe

    Joe New Member

    It might help his attitude :p

    If it has only been a week it is doing well, I think he is also in charge of Tkd forums.? If it is the same person then this will be awesome in no time!
  9. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Joe. Yes it's the same Kevin. I have a TKD background but have trained MMA a tiny bit and did a little BJJ. Im actually launching a general martial arts forum over the next few weeks too. The forums are fairly new but I'm sure they will be a success once more members sign up.

    Where about in New Zealand are you from Joe? :)
  10. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Thought it was you, had the same simple, yet effective layout. Can't wait for your new forum, it will be very interesting to talk about different martial arts. Your forums will go off without a hit, they are awesome.

    I am from the deep south :p
    Mainly known as Invercargill :)
  11. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Cool. I didn't make it down that far. The furthest we got down was Dunedin. We spent a few days there.

    I remember seeing Billy Connolly visit Invercargill in his tour of New Zealand. Both Invercargill and Dunedin are incredibly Scottish. :)
  12. tajnz

    tajnz New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm another kiwi (New Zealander). Looks like the UFC is pretty popular here. I'm Tabatha, I'm 23 and have been watching MMA for .. wow... probably around 10 years now. My uncle who is big into martial arts introduced the rest of the family to it. I remember getting together to watch pay per view long before any bars started offering coverage. In the last 4 years I've seen the UFC really take off and now there are plenty of bars packed with fans and a string of shops offering MMA gear.

    A lot of people are surprised that I watch UFC but I love the strategy and technical skill it involves. Of course it's no surprise GSP is one of my favorite fighters. I tend to back fighters who have both a strong ground and standing game.

    I also think the women’s game is improving e.g Rhonda Rousey and her infamous armbar.

    Wow .. Kev fights are shown for free in South America? Awesome! As for Pat Barry I have respect for fighters who appreciate their fans. Another reason I can't stand either of the Diaz brothers. Overeem is really friendly and posed for photographs with my aunty who flew to Las Vegas to watch him fight. My aunties probably the biggest UFC fan I know and travels internationally for fights. I'm hoping to go to the next one in that is held in Australia.

    Steve if you see this have you checked out the MMA shop in the Gold Coast? The one in surfers? They have a great variety of stock everything from merchandise to training equipment and the staff love to chat about MMA.

    Anton, I agree I think Sonnen talks a lot of crap to be honest. I usually can't stand fighters who mouth off and can't walk the talk but for some reason I do find him entertaining. The things that come out of his mouth are ridiculous. If I were a fighter it would just make me want to finish him off quickly.

    Joe, good luck with training. New Zealand could do with some more representation. It seems like we only have Te Huna and a few others.
  13. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Tabitha. Great to have another Kiwi here :)

    The womans game has been getting better. Time will tell whether Dana will move it from Strikeforce into the UFC. I'd be happy to see one or two woman fights on a card if the fighters were good enough. The pool of fighters available isn't as good for woman but that should change over time. There's never been a problem getting fighters in kickboxing etc so I'm sure will transfer over if they see the opportunity to make money.

    I agree with you with Sonnen. Everything that comes out of his mouth is pretty absurd so I don't take him seriously. I mean...he's walking around with his own belt like Ted Debiase! He was pretty respectable about Bisping after he got decision over him so I get the impression that in real life he's not that bad a he's great with fans. Something which, like you, I have respect for.

    Oh...and don't forget NZ has Mark Hunt (well you kind of share him with Oz now!) :)
  14. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    Hi all, I'm James/ Jim, I'm 21 and from Ireland. Only a recent convert to UFC and MMA from the influence of a room mate. He seen I was really into parkour and other athletics such as it and ended up getting me hooked (got me hooked on JRE too). Anyway, I have never taken to anything like it and now spend all my time reading about MMA and watching MMA! I also started BJJ and have done a little Muay Thai and Kickboxing!

    Personally I like the Diaz brothers and Sonnen, I think they are really funny and sure know how to sell their fights. I like Koscheck after TUF1 because although he was an ass, he was just an ass to Leben. After seeing him constantly trying to bully people in TUF12, nice guys, I really don't like him anymore.

    Nice to meet you guys
  15. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Hero and tabatha, quality to see you join. Remember get your predictions in for this Friday's event. Very easy to do and a prize worth winning. Details in the main ufc forum.
  16. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    Will do, also I have no idea why I said I'm 21 :S I'm actually 23!
  17. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forums Hero. Where about in Ireland are you from? :)
  18. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    From Dublin, but spend the last 4 years in college in the West!
  19. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Nice mate, lovely city Dublin (but very pricey), got a few mates over that way as well.
  20. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    Yeah it's an expensive country in general, planning on making the big move to Canada int he first half of next year!

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