Post TRT / Present TRT Vitor: Is He Really That Different

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Jesse Thomas, May 19, 2013.

  1. Jesse Thomas

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    Vitor Belfort has presently been displaying some of the most incredible MMA skills I have ever witnessed in modern day MMA, and I've been watching since (insert number of years)

    But after last night we all hopefully witnessed at UFC on FX 8 a Vitor Belfort that possibly is even better than the one (and far more confident) who destroyed Michael Bisping at UFC on FX 7. Belfort absolutely made a very credible fighter (albeit not a top 5 MW IMO) Luke Rockhold plain 'ol look silly than punched him in his face till he was literally silly.

    TRT is presently what the fan base say is reason for the change and if so I say HOOK ME UP cause Vitor looks amazing and does indeed fight like the young 20 something year old he was when he destroyed the great and powerful Wanderlei SIlva at UFC 17. So my question really besides still prying my jaw from floor is: Is the pre TRT Vitor that much better than the post modern TRT Vitor?

    To make this short and be concluded with you (the fans) and your comments, I feel that perhaps it was more of a maturity and a mental block that didn't allow a young Vitor to run rampant through the MMA world, he was in the middle of horrific family issues, camp issues, money issues and perhaps now he is exceeding in part to him being clear mentally, and yes I'm sure the TRT helps with him feeling more energized which helps him train longer and harder but really that particular "drug" doesn't help so much in the cage or ring if you do not have the skills to imply.

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    As long as the levels are normal, I really dont care.....

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