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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mrunderhill, Jun 1, 2016.

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    What about a modern steroids. There are a lots kind of testosterones, natural and synt. The pharmacology don’t stop in the sport branch, ’cause sport is money.
    Every day humanity try to overcome the limit of possibilities human body and steroids drugs, injectiones is way to do it.
    My trainer and me used a steroids. We want to be bigger, stronger. Not so far ago I bought my first Test. I also remember where I get order. thepharmacom_com. After first course I felt a real power, it was amazing feeling as I can do anything with my body and my body will grow up.
    Times of non-steroid powerlifting is passed. It has own it own heroes. But today sportsmen try to prove, that human possibilities is unlimited.
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    Wow, I buy my test here too. Good shop
    I'm agree with you. Steroids will help us be bigger and stronger.
    Good luck with your trainers.
    My own collection

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