UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Predictions

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Skyler Petrancosta, May 17, 2012.

  1. Skyler Petrancosta

    Skyler Petrancosta New Member

    Date: May 26, 2012

    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
    Broadcast: Pay-per-view, FX and Facebook*

    MAIN CARD (pay-per-view)
    • Champ Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir (for heavyweight title)
    • Antonio Silva vs. Cain Velasquez
    • Dave Herman vs. Roy Nelson
    • Shane Del Rosario vs. Stipe Miocic
    • Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve
    • Diego Brandao vs. Darren Elkins
    • Edson Barboza vs. Jamie Varner
    • C.B. Dollaway vs. Jason "Mayhem" Miller
    • Dan Hardy vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig
    • Paul Sass vs. Jacob Volkmann
    • Kyle Kingsbury vs. Glover Teixeira
    • Mike Brown vs. Daniel Pineda
  2. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    If I'm gambling the stand outs for me will be Barboza, Brandao, and Dos Santos.

    I also think Hunt will take out Struve, and Cain will bounce back to take out Silva.

    Find the Miocic and Del rosario bout very hard to call.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I'm really looking forward to this one.

    It's hard to ever rule Mir out though he was getting killed by Nog before he got the sub. So I think Dos Santos will beat him on stand up.

    The Dan Hardy fight will be interesting. He always goes out guns blazing but it's make or break time for him. Don't think they could keep anyone with 5 losses in a row. I'd actually like to see him win. Will he go out swinging as usual or fight a bit more conservative?

    I reckon Cain will win as well and Hunt's a machine so hard to bet against him.
  4. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    The Hardy one is hard to call as well, he's on a real slide. I agree, I can't remember another fighter who has been kept on after going 0-4, so going 0-5 surely must be the end of him. Ludwig doesn't have a great recent record either though, lost his last one and 2-3 in the UFC. I think Hardy can edge it if he is back to anything like his best.
  5. MA6IC666

    MA6IC666 New Member

    I think its worth a punt on fat roy, big foot + mir treble at 30/1. The fat man should have an easy fight, the big foot on his ufc debut i expect to be impressive, and if mir can take it to the ground the fight is over. Awesome treble imo.
  6. i want to see frank mir break juniors leg. However i forsee frank having some time out in the sleepy corner. His chin wasn't the same after that motorbike attacked him. Carwin just put the blanket on top of it.
  7. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    I can't see anything apart from a Dos Santos knock out in the main event. I like Frank, but think he'll be picked apart.
  8. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Only a few days to this one now. I just caught up with the diaz/miller event from a few weeks ago. I'm quite looking forward to the Lavar Johnson vs Struve fight after seeing the way he beat Pat Barry. Regardless of the result, I'd love to see Johnson take on Mark Hunt when he's back from his injury. Two big guys who don't hold back is always fun to watch.
  9. MA6IC666

    MA6IC666 New Member

    yeah, im looking forward to that one too, fancy Lavar to get the KO in round 1. This one should be awesome imo, both yet to lose a fight, i precdict a Shane del Rosario win in round 1, hes made it out of round 1 once by 1.07 seconds............................... [​IMG] Stipe Miočić vs. [​IMG] Shane del Rosario
  10. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Really looking forward to this one, but can't watch it live as I'm up early Sunday (3am start here!). So will avoid the site, and spoilers, until I've watched it.

    You looked up any odds yet Stu?
  11. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    For a second I had forgot about it and nearly planned a trip to the cinema on Saturday. Thankfully I remembered and rearranged for Friday. So I'll be grabbing a few beers and watching it live. Can't wait for this one. One of the best cards in a while.
  12. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    For any gamblers among us, here are what the bookmakers think

    02:00 Shane Del Rosario (26/19) v (40) Stipe Miocic (4/6) [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Junior Dos Santos (1/5) v (40) Frank Mir (17/4) [​IMG]
    03:00 Roy Nelson (10/21) v (40) Dave Herman (21/10) [​IMG]
    03:00 Stefan Struve (13/15) v (40) Lavar Johnson (11/10) [​IMG]
    03:15 Cain Valasquez (1/4) v (40) Antonio Silva (7/2)
  13. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    and some of the undercard

    22:00 Edson Barboza (2/11) Jamie Varnier (4) [​IMG]
    23:00 Dan Hardy (11/13) v (33) Duane Ludwig (6/5) [​IMG]
    23:00 Diego Brandao (21/10) v (33) Darren Elkins (12/5) [​IMG]
    23:00 Edson Barboza (1/5) v (33) Jamie Varner (4) [​IMG]
    23:00 Jacob Volkmann (8/15) v (33) Paul Sass (9/5) [​IMG]
    23:00 Jason Miller (8/11) v (33) CB Dollaway (5/4)
  14. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Cain Valasquez is a huge favourite there. I thought it would be 1/2 or something for him.

    Dan Hardy has fairly even odds, as does Struve.

    Have you decided on who you're betting yet?

  15. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Now I've looked at the odds, it will possibly be Johnson, Nelson, and Hardy (eek!!)

    I don't put on big enough bets to get value from Dos Santos, or Cain etc
  16. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I liked the comment from Johnson the other day. Should be a good slugfest. :)

    UFC 146's Johnson: 'Save the jiu-jitsu for jiu-jitsu tournaments. The UFC is for fights'

    LAS VEGAS – Lavar Johnson (17-5 MMA, 2-0 UFC) hasn't really had the time to peruse the Stefan Struve (23-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC) library in the UFC.

    Nevertheless, he's pretty sure what Struve will try to do when they meet at UFC 146, and he has a pretty simple plan to ensure that doesn't happen.

    "I don't really have a gameplan except for just hit him in the mouth," Johnson said.

    Struve vs. Johnson serves as the first fight on the pay-per-view main card of the event, which takes place Saturday at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Preliminary-card fights air on FX and stream on Facebook.

    Struve has already told
    (www.mmajunkie.com) he's a better fighter than Johnson on the feet, but the fight is all but done if the two hit the mat.

    There, he already has stats on his favor in that case: 15 opponents have tapped to one submission or another.

    Johnson, meanwhile, has lost three of five fights by submission. He might have lost four had he not escaped the clutches of Pat Barry before escaping and taking revenge with a flurry of punches to earn a TKO at UFC on FOX 3.

    It's in that performance, and others, that the Central California native might counter Struve's stat. When the towering Dutchman has lost inside the octagon, he's lost against big punchers such as Junior Dos Santos, Roy Nelson and Travis Browne. In each of them, he's lost within the first round.

    And if ever there was an opponent with heavy hands and fast charge, it would be Johnson. Back-to-back first-round stoppages – both for the "Knockout of the Night" bonus – prove that.

    In all likelihood, Struve knows this, and he'll work to survive the early storm and submit Johnson in later rounds, where Johnson has seldom been.

    "We start off standing, so we'll see what happens," Johnson said. "If he gets me there, he gets me there. I think I should be able to get back up. Hopefully I don't have to go to the ground."

    But this is where Johnson would like to make a plea. A self-serving one, but nonetheless.

    "We're here to put on a show," he said. "Let's save the jiu-jitsu for the jiu-jitsu tournaments, I say. The UFC is for fights. So let's fight."

    It's a nice idea to guys like him, and probably a good chunk of the crowd that typically show up at UFC events. A short notice replacement for the injured Mark Hunt, Johnson didn't have the luxury of a long camp with which to prepare an intricate game plan.

    Thus, his plea to slug.

    But MMA is more than just slugging, and an Ezekiel choke is just as valid as an elbow. Both will put you to sleep, and in the case of Johnson vs. Struve, it's a matter of who's first.

    Like it always is.

  17. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    That's quality comments.

    For a young guy, I'm already starting to see Struve as a Kongo esque gate keeper, as opposed to someone who will ever threaten say a top 5 opponent
  18. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah. He's definitely a future champion so to be in this position already is awesome.

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