Welterweight fights to make after UFC 154

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Kevin, Nov 18, 2012.

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    UFC 154 lived up to it's hype. GSP answered a lot of critics but Condit did enough to suggest that he's gonna be back in contention very soon.

    The welterweight division is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weights in UFC. There's a lot of fighters in the mix for either a title shot or number 1 contender slot.

    The UFC has two options for GSP. They either give him Hendricks or Silva. Anderson Silva is the super fight that Dana has been dropping hints about for a long time. Most fans, including myself, would love to see it.

    The other option is Johnny Hendricks. His 40 second knockout was incredible. I was in shock that he did it again after finishing Fitch in the same way. He's definitely earned his title shot.

    If Dana White does set up the Silva fight, Hendricks might have to fight one of the other contenders, though he may choose to wait it out for his title shot.

    The number 1 contender fights are fascinating too. Here's a list of all the welterweights who are either due a #1 contender shot or will get one if they win their next fight.
    • Nick Diaz (ban ends February 2013).
    • Martin Kampann
    • Jon Fitch
    • Josh Koscheck
    • Demian Maia
    • Carlos Condit
    • Jake Ellenberger
    • Rory MacDonald
    • BJ Penn
    The winner of Jon Fitch and Demian Maia will likely need one more fight before a title shot. Rory MacDonald is an interesting match up too. He's widely tipped to beat BJ Penn. If he doesn't, I'm sure, given BJ Penn's natural talents and huge fan base, he'd get a contender fight.

    If he does win, he deserves to get either a contender shot. He's only lost to Condit in his whole career and he won the first two rounds before Condit finished him. The biggest sticking point is that Rory trains with GSP.

    Martin Kampann could fight Josh Koscheck or Nick Diaz next. Or perhaps even a rematch with Jake Ellenberger.

    Either way, I see a lot of great fights at Welterweight coming up. What fights would you make at Welterweight after UFC 154?


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